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Holmes And Yo-Yo

I have a hazy recollection that this was a crime-based series, set in the US in the 1970s (the clothes and cars were classic Kojak-era!) which involved an unlikely pairing of human cop (Holmes) and - I'm guessing here - prototype android-thing (Yo-Yo) who appeared otherwise to be perfectly like a human in shape and dress.

The 'action', such as it was, was pretty forgettable, or at least I've forgotten it in terms of plot lines and such like. I suspect it was low-budget 'run around the car park after the bad guys' style goings-on.

The reason I recall this vividly, however, is that periodically Holmes would press Yo-Yo's nose, which would prompt ticker-tape to come from his mouth (thank goodness it was his mouth!) that bore some crucial information that would help to crack the case.

Complete nonsense, and overdue a DVD release!

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Do You Remember Holmes And Yo-Yo?

Do You Remember Holmes And Yo-Yo?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember that scene too!
  • Gojira
    I remember them being on a stake-out. Holmes was shaving with his shaver plugged in to Yo-yo's chest.