Hit Stix

Hit Stix were a pair of drumsticks that were hooked up to a little speaker. When you mimicked playing the drums either in the air or by hitting ANYTHING they would make drum sounds. These drove my mother nuts! Hit Stix were manufactured by Nasta and Radio Shack in the 1980s. When you bought a new Hit Stix they came complete with two drum sticks, two amplifiers and audio cables. You weren't meant to hit the drumsticks on anything in order to make a noice.

Hit Stix were so popular that a follow up kit became available called Hit Stix 2. Hit Stix 2 were a little more advanced as they featured a small slider on each drum stick that allowed you to change the sound effect from either a snare, tom, bass drum or a phaser. Both Hit Stix kits included a clip on the amplifier so you could attach it to your belt and walk around with it attached to you.

Nasta also tried a keyboard version of their toy called Hit Keys in 1989. This kit featured two keyboards attached to an amplifier. Straps attached the little keyboards to the hand and you could make music by twiddling your fingers and thumbs.

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Do You Remember Hit Stix?

Do You Remember Hit Stix?

  • Anonymous user
    oh lord do i remeber hit stix i would air drum everywhere it drove my parents crazy.