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Here Comes the Grump

This was a kids cartoon from the late 80s, early 90s and I can still remember the theme song... 'In a magic place, there's a thief and he's caught in a chase, and no matter how fast he goes he can't avoid the throws, here comes the grump, here comes the grump HERE COMES THE GRUMP'. I really loved this cartoon and it had such a catchy theme tune. This cartoon had the same kind of look as the pink panther cartoon and it had foreign running titles at the end. Here Comes the Grump, was shown on the same channel as You Cant Do That On Television. I'm not sure which channel it was called, but all I know is that I used to watch both these shows and they were brill.

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Do You Remember Here Comes the Grump?

Do You Remember Here Comes the Grump?

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    Regret that I'd not actually heard of this one until you mentioned it, but the show's title would be highly appropriate if anybody ever wanted to make a series about my Dad!!