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Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

Watched this a child in the early 80s and got scared to death with every episode! A spin-off from the Hammer horror films, this series offered a one-hour story each week with a spooky/supernatural theme. Many well-known actors and actresses appeared in this series (David McCallum, Stephanie Beacham, Peter Graves, etc) and if you *think* you don't remember this, get the DVD and watch...if you are between 30 and 40 I am sure you'll remember!

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Do You Remember Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense?

Do You Remember Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense?

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    i remember the tv series called the hammer house of horror thats wat it was called cos itv3 have reacentley shown them watched them all their showing them again soon the theme was huanting back in the day it sill gives me a chill now and im 41 me and my sister to scared to go for a wee when ti finished remember "the house that dripped blood" and the 1 with denholm elliot was an estate agent and the 1 about the numbers adding up 2 999 im gonna watch again.