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  • Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense
    i remember the tv series called the hammer house of horror thats wat it was called cos itv3 have reacentley shown them watched them all their showing them again soon the theme was huanting back in the day it sill gives me a chill now and im 41 me and my sister to scared to go for a wee when ti finished remember "the house that dripped blood" and the 1 with denholm elliot was an estate agent and the 1 about the numbers adding up 2 999 im gonna watch again.
  • Hammer House of Horror
    i remember the hammer house of horror tv program the theme tune was haunting the program made me and me sister to scared to go for a wee after it finshed sleep with the lights on we did remember "the house that dripped blood"? itv3 are showing the series again sat and watched them all still scare me their showing them again soon i'll watch em again
  • Y-Cardigans
    to stuart if your lookin 4 tha y cardigan you can buy one from 4 about 79 us dollers or type in yale univererty cardigans you'll find sum useful websites its avalible in buldogs wool sweater there retro as ya gonna get hope this helps

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