Hair Glitter

You could only buy hair glitter from the hair salon in the mid 70s. You had to shake the can vigorously and it made the same kind of rattling sound that spray paint does. For the most fashionable effect, girls would spray it over enthusiastically onto crimped hair. It came in various colours, such as gold and silver, but there was also a rainbow shade for the really experimental teens.

It was the kind of stuff that stuck around for weeks after using it, reminding you of that fab night on the town or your first smooch at the school disco. It would get everywhere, too, from your bedroom curtains to the living room sofa - dad was never best pleased to find a sparkly coating over his work jacket. Hair glitter really did sum up the D.I.S.C.O generation - when those disco lights picked it up you really stood out from the crowd!

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Do You Remember Hair Glitter?

Do You Remember Hair Glitter?