"Tock followed tick followed tock...", this ad has been widely acclaimed as one of the best ever modern adverts. A man on a beach waits for the perfect wave to surf. The wave arrives along with giant white horses on its crest. Filmed entirely in black and white and set to a throbbing soundtrack, the cinematic qualities of the advert are unique and make compelling viewing.

Earlier Guinness adverts featured the blonde twins.

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Do You Remember Guinness?

Do You Remember Guinness?

  • Anonymous user
    the ness a guin ads used to make me laugh
  • Anonymous user
    Sure, that was a classic ad, but not a patch on the 80's series with Rutger Hauer being all tongue-in-cheek moody and arty. From Blade Runner (one of the most influential sci-fi films ever) to making ads for a black alcoholic tar-like beverage... now THATS a career progression!