Grubby was the companion of Teddy Ruxpin and in the words of Teddy Ruxpin himself "there's nothing like I good friend". The talking Grubby plush toy worked in a similar way to the Teddy Ruxpin toy in that it needed a cassette tape to enable it to talk. Grubby was a very animated toy with a moving mouth and blinking eyes, he had six legs so he was presumably some kind of insect like a caterpillar. If placed Grubby and Teddy Ruxpin next to one another they would interact and sing songs together provided they were connected with a cable. The interaction was pretty basic, nevertheless, it was still very impressive for Teddy Ruxpin fanatics.

What a lot of parents may not have known when they bought Grubby for their children was that it did not work at all without being connected to the Teddy Ruxpin. As both the toys were very expensive at the time this meant that sales of both Grubby and Teddy Ruxpin were disappointing as many families struggled to afford them.

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Do You Remember Grubby?

Do You Remember Grubby?

  • Anonymous user
    Grubby was the friend of Teddy Ruxpin! I still have both!