I LOVED the gremlins. They were cute, fluffy little amimals - I had a gremlin bear that never left my side. In the film the little cute one had a song that he hummed, I can still hum that tune now (and we are talking years ago since I last saw the film!).

Following the success of Joe Dante's classic film, Gremlins merchandising for the film also became big sellers. The most popular of all these merchandising lines was the fluffy Gizmo and he was released as either a doll or a stuffed figure by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association. Gizmos and Gremlins were also produced as miniature action figures and Topps (which manufactured trading cards based on the Garbage Pail Kids, Trash Can Trolls and American Civil War) also released trading cards based on the feature film.

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Do You Remember Gremlins?

Do You Remember Gremlins?

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    I remember Iwent to the drive inn to see this movie and we had to leave because my sisster was scared and shes 3 years older than me i was mad