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The one thing I really remember about the Grape Ape cartoons is that the big purple gorilla in it always sounded the same as the Zoo assistant in The Hair Bear Bunch who would always say 'Oooh! Oooh! Mr Peevley". That, and how cruel it was to cram a huge ape into a car full of people every week.

Grape Ape had a friend, a dog called Bosley.

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Do You Remember Grape Ape?

Do You Remember Grape Ape?

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    I don't remember him being crammed INTO the car, as he was so massive- he was almost the size of King Kong. Rather, he used to ride on TOP of the dog's car like it was a skateboard. Are you sure the dog was called Bosley? I only ask because I remember Grape Ape calling him 'Beagly Beagly'.