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Go (Board game)

"Go" was a wonderful game where you flew round the world collecting souvenirs.

First back to London was the winner. You had to decide how many souvenirs you were going for before you started. We used to say 9 or 10, and then realize that would mean the game would take about a week to complete! (souvenirs were just pictures on cards of the destinations).

This was before the days of the Euro - every country had its own currency and you had to change your money to that currency before you could purchase your souvenir. You had to buy air or train tickets too I remember. These had to be written out by hand and then handed to you.

I think you could take the easy route, or choose to land on the red spots, which meant you had to take a risk card. Anything could happen to you then - you might be banished to Vladivostok, which would then take you ages to get back on track. It was so absorbing. I remember being completely captivated by it for hours and hours. I can't imagine my own kids having enough patience to play it. I must look out for one on ebay!

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Do You Remember Go (Board game)?

Do You Remember Go (Board game)?