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Get Some In

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Get Some In was a Conscription/National Service Sit-com based at an RAF base. Starring Tony Selby as the bullying NCO and Robert Lindsay and then Karl Howman as his nemisis. All the usual characters you would expect in an Esmonde and Larby penned production. Some of the faces, if not the characters, reappear in It Ain't Half Hot Mum.

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Do You Remember Get Some In?

Do You Remember Get Some In?

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    Always remember the first episode... Tony Selby "My name is Marsh, B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Marsh, I'm your new drill sergeant' Asking Robert Lindsay his name... Selby "What's your name then?" Lindsay "Smiff" Selby "Is that one 'F' or two?" Lindsay "Free"... Priceless