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Galaxy High

Galaxy high was a cartoon based on the asteroid Flotor, where there were students from different plants at high school. Two earth teens called Aimee and Doyle became exchange students and ended up in space. There were all different types of weird characters like a five-mouthed gossipmonger, Booey Bubblehead who had a bubble for a head and is absent-minded, Milo De Venus, the six armed class president and Beef and the Bonk Bunch.

The Theme was:

Doyle was a high school star, Everybody thought he'd go real far But he didn't get the things from the classes he took You know he just wasn't interested in his books.

Aimee was the smartest girl at school, Not very popular, not very cool. Two kids will be chosen from Earth To go to school at Galaxy High.

Travelling millions of miles through space, To go to school in a far out place. Aimee is the sweetheart. Doyle's got a lot to learn. Here at Galaxy High. GALAXY HIGH, GALAXY HIGH!

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Do You Remember Galaxy High?

Do You Remember Galaxy High?

  • McG
    I was about nine, and fancied Aimee!
  • 80stvfreak
    I used to love watchin this,I never missed an episode. I have been lookin around on websites to see if you can buy it on DVD, well, its only on Region 2 DVD, so it wont work with my DVD player, bummer !!:(