Ford Consul

My father had one of these cars. It was yellow on the body and black on the roof. But that was in the beginning of the 70s.I believe it first hit the car scene in 1951. It used a lot of new technology of the time, and was a new option for families wanting a saloon car.

The Consul was later updated and made longer to match the taste of the 60s. In 1962, the Ford Cortina emerged as the peoples' new choice. Even later still, the Consul name was used for the Ford Grenada, until the Consul part was dropped.

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Do You Remember Ford Consul?

Do You Remember Ford Consul?

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    My grandfather had the later '70s Consul, which had the same body as the original Ford Granada but was less sporty and had more refined trim. He bought it in '76 when the bottom finally dropped out of his old Austin Cambridge- it was one of the last to be built, a '74 'N' reg. in metallic emerald green with a vinyl roof. At the time, it was the biggest car he'd ever owned. We used to borrow it for our caravanning holidays, as our own car (a Mini Clubman estate) was too small to pull the 'van. We went up to Yorkshire in it in 1978, and down to Potters Bar the following year. He sold it in late '81 to by a Toyota Carina, which we still have. Years later I managed to find out what had happened to the Consul, as I still had a record of the registration number. Apparently it was sold to an Italian guy living in Cardiff, whose wife wrote it off in a head-on crash with a coal lorry in the Summer of '84. She wasn't seriously hurt, but the poor car was a write-off and ended up being broken for scrap at a nearby garage. I was very sad about that. We've still got a lovely photo of my grandad with her though!