Food Fighters

Made by Mattel Food Fighters were a set of ten food figures all jazzed up in military uniforms. Food Fighters were split into two armies - the Kitchen Commandos and the Refridgerator Rejects. Making up the Kitchen Commandos were the pun-tastic Burgerdier General, Major Much, Lieutenant Legg, Sergeant Scoop, Private Pizza, The Combat Carton and The Fry Chopper - these were all kitted out with black boots and green clobber.

On the opposing side were The Refridgerator Rejects who wore brown boots and black clothes. The Rejects were Mean Weener, Chip the Ripper, Short Stack, Taco Terror, Fat Frenchy and The BBQ Bomber.

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Do You Remember Food Fighters?

Do You Remember Food Fighters?

  • Anonymous user
    I love those things! I can remember buying them at K-Mart. They weren't very costly, and they were so much fun! My favourite was always Burgerdier General! I wish they still made them!