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Fizzies: Instant Soda

Fizzies were flavored effervescent tablets that kids would drop into a glass of water turning it into an instant soda. Imagine a sweet, flavored Alka-Seltzer minus the medication.

They were sold in flavors one would expect, cherry, grape, cola, etc. Introduced in the 50s they grew extremely popular in the 60s, but were tragically discontinued when the FDA banned the use of cyclamates - the artificial sweetener Fizzies contained.

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Do You Remember Fizzies: Instant Soda?

Do You Remember Fizzies: Instant Soda?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember a crystilized version of this that i used to get from our local newsagents. It was wrapped in a little rectangle celophane bag, but you could also get a version in little plastic bottles mmmmm i can taste the sweet slightly acidic taste now!