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"Rock Me Amadeus" was the big hit that launched the Austrian artist Falco to fame in 1986. Real name Johann Holzel, he renamed himself Falco in honour of the German skier Falko Weissflog.

After a few more records that didn't perform well, Falco faded from the spotlight and wasn't heard of again until he was tragically killed in a car accident in 1998.

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Do You Remember Falco?

Do You Remember Falco?

  • Anonymous user
    Loved Falco cos he sung in German!!! Was stunned when he died!!
  • Anonymous user
    I can only remember "Rock Me Amadeus". He performed it on TOTP and caused a stir. He had a very weird fashion sense. He died in Vienna as he had slid from his motorbike in the early of the morning. A lot of streets were closed off on the day of his funeral as the Viennese mourned his demise.