Fabulous Fred

Fabulous Fred was made by Mego Corporation in Japan and was an electronic games machine that featured 10 different activities: electronic organ, music machine, memory game, mind bender, submarine hunt, baseball, roulette game and a few others.

My mum remembers buying this for my sister and myself one Christmas in the early '80s and not being able to resist having a go before wrapping it up one evening a couple of weeks before the best day of the year. Cue two young girls at the top of the stairs wondering what all the 'bleeping' was in the front room!

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Do You Remember Fabulous Fred?

Do You Remember Fabulous Fred?

  • Anonymous user
    My sister's and I received this game for Christmas and loved it. We always competed who would do better at the memory game. I am glad to see someone else remembers this game because no one knows what we were talking about.
  • Anonymous user
    I had one, but It looked alittle different. I don't remember the big speaker, and I remember it being grey. Everything else is the same. I got mine in 1984-5.