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I didn't like Elton John at all when I was younger, until I watched a documentary on him.

He and Bernie Taupin were working together. Over the course of about 2 hours, Bernie had completely written the lyrics to a brand bew tune, and Elton simply read them out loud whilst sat at a piano, and it was as though the words inspired his hands to play certain chords and patterns on the keys. It must have taken about 2 hours in total to come up with a completely original song from start to finish.

That may sound a bit daft, but it was seriously ace to watch, and since then I've thought Elton was great.

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Do You Remember Elton John?

Do You Remember Elton John?

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    I've had the pleasure of seeing him in concert twice. Once with Billy Joel. That was the greatest concert ever. Each doing a set of their own songs and some of the others, then doing a set together. Two of the greatest singer/song writter/piano playes in the history of music.