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Elephant Boy

This has faded a bit over time! I think it was around 1972/1973 and was obviously imported from India. I think it was dubbed into English and was aimed at kids, being a drama about an indian boy who looked after elephants. I can remember the opening credits as the boy was running to the camera and then he would cup his hands to his mouth and shout "Khali"... or something like that!

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Do You Remember Elephant Boy?

Do You Remember Elephant Boy?

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    Yes, I remember this well- he was a trainee Mahoot whose Dad was boss of a regional elephant haulage firm (in rural India, elephants are used as heavy multi-purpose vehicles, like lorries are in less isolated areas). The lad's own elephant was called Hara- I remember once when Hara got frightened by something moving in the undergrowth, the boy said "Oh Hara, don't be so silly- it's only a guinea-pig!" which has been a catchphrase in my family ever since! (I thought guinea-pigs came from South America, not India, but mabe a species of them exists there too....)