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Electric Pandas

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Australian pop/punk outfit, fronted by female singer Lin Buckfield. Major hit was "Big Girls". Electric Pandas disbanded after one album, Buckfield recorded a single with Australian Crawl singer James Reyne, and then furthered her career working behind the scenes on Australian television.

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Do You Remember Electric Pandas?

Do You Remember Electric Pandas?

  • Anonymous user
    What I do remember of the 'Electric Pandas' was the video "Lets Gamble". It was 1984 and I was in my grade 5 or 6 class waiting for a regular science tv program to come on. Back in those days current popular video clips would come on for a short break before the tv program started. I have this vivid memory of Electric Panda's "Lets Gamble" being played and its always stayed in my memory. I don't really now why!! It might have been the name 'Electric Pandas' because I really loved the animal- black and white panda as a child..