Electric Dreams (1984)

Electric Dreams was a wonderful love story from 1984 about a guy whose computer falls in love with the same girl he loves! The moral of this? Don't spill champagne on computers!

Electric Dreams is a film for nerds everywhere who all dreamed of owning a computer this cool! My Commodore128 couldn't compete, but the Amiga nearly did!

The film finishes with the title song "Electric Dreams" and after a rollercoaster of emotions leaves you feeling extremely happy.

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Do You Remember Electric Dreams?

Do You Remember Electric Dreams?

  • JediJunky
    Just bought the long awaited DVD release of Electric Dreams... I love this movie to bits. One of my favourite 80's movies. It takes me back to my computer days, and remembering when I longed for a computer that could play music like Edgar did.
  • Vixieb
    One of my favorite of all time films!! and the soundtrack is terrific! I adore Jeff Lynne's "Video"