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  • Birds Eye Crispy Cod Fries
    Oh yes! I remember these!! they were absolutly gorgeous! They had a wonderful flavor all of their own, quite unlike anything else they have made since!
  • Out Of This World
    I remeber Donna Prescow (of Saturday Night Fever fame) playing Evie's mother! It was quite enjoyable!
  • Love Thy Neighbour
    I remember from the first episode! "Thats it was have got to move!" to which the wife says.."We can't move just because he's black!" "Its not because he is black...its because he is a bloody Torie!!!!"
  • Escalator Safety Advert
    This scared me so much I am still absolutly phobic of escallators! I can't use them unless I run! I still have the image of that doll in my head and I am nearly 40!!
  • Electric Dreams
    One of my favorite of all time films!! and the soundtrack is terrific! I adore Jeff Lynne's "Video"

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