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Eddy Grant

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Eddy Grant will be best remembered for two big hits of the 80s - "I Don't Wanna Dance" and "Electric Avenue". Eddy Grant is now also a producer and is the man behind Ice Records.

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Do You Remember Eddy Grant?

Do You Remember Eddy Grant?

  • Anonymous user
    Electric Avenue! What a tune! Shot to number 1 and well deserved to too! Cracking video too as I remember, two bikers with blacked out visors, cruisin the streets of London at night in a slightly menacing stylee. This video was before he a href="memory.php?memID=121">Sony Walkman, but you can bet that if the a href="memory.php?memID=121">Walkman had been around at the tim, the Bikers in the Vid would have them on cruisin to this very tune!