Easy Show Movie Projector

The Easy Show Movie Projector needed a plain wall or a sheet suspended from a picture rail in order to work properly. I tried to view it on the ceiling once, but just got a cricked neck!

The Easy Show Movie Projector was battery operated and a strip of a 'movie' looking like a negative was slowly fed through it in order to shine on to the wall. There were lots of different films for it and 'current' cartoons like Popeye etc.

With the Easy Show Movie Projector you could pretend to be at the cinema - just without the popcorn stuck to your shirt and the annoying person with the huge hat sat in front of you!

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Do You Remember Easy Show Movie Projector?

Do You Remember Easy Show Movie Projector?

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    I had a projector called Flashy Flickers. It was blue and shaped like a long gun and you fed the film strip through in much the same way as the one above. I don't remember what films you could get though, as I was disappointed with it and didn't play with it much!