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  • Little People
    My younger brother had the Fisher-Price play people (as they used to be called) school, and my little sister had the camper van. We used to play with them for days at a time in school holidays.
  • Johnny Seven Gun
    My husband is 56 and this is the only toy he remembers from his childhood. Whenever we have those 'do you remember' chats he always goes on about his Johnny Seven gun!!
  • Easy Show Movie Projector
    I had a projector called Flashy Flickers. It was blue and shaped like a long gun and you fed the film strip through in much the same way as the one above. I don't remember what films you could get though, as I was disappointed with it and didn't play with it much!
  • Poppin Hoppies
    I had the same set of Poppin Hoppies from early 70's. I had forgotten all about it until walking through Toys r Us yesterday and I saw that they are selling an updated version. I bought a set, of course. My 15 yr old daughter, 7 yr old son and me had great fun playing it. My set from back in the day was the one pictured above (blue box) the one I bought is the yellow box available on eBay. For anyone thinking of buying a new set, they were on sale for £4.99.
  • Anna and Happytime
    Oh, this site has made me so, so happy!! I had Anna and Happytime (the starter set I think) way back (1975ish) and I have never known anyone who had them or had even heard of them, before. it was a fabulous toy< and I wish that I had still had mine when my daughter was younger. Great memories, though!

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