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East 17

R&B, HIp-Hop, Rap pop band East 17 were at their peak in 1992, when they released their debut single 'House of Love'.

The most memorable member of East 17 was Brian Harvey, who, during an interview in 1997, endorsed the use of drugs, this got him kicked out of the band.

East 17 top hits include:

Slow it down West End Girls It's Alright Around the World Stay Another Day Let it Rain Hold my body Tight

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Do You Remember East 17?

Do You Remember East 17?

  • Anonymous user
    East 17 had a very weird dress sense. I can't remember all the names, but Brian Harvey was the favourite. I loved this boy band in my teens. Songs such as "It's Alright", "Steam", and "Deep Deep Down". They were very popular back in the day, til everyone realised how sad they were, and they were never a match for Take That!