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Duckman was a private eye and family man. His partner was a pig named Cornfed. Duckman's wife had died leaving him to bring up his sons Ajax, Charles and Mambo (two smart heads on one body). Grandma was still around though if rather flatulent.

Duckman's nemesis was King Chicken, voiced by Tim Curry. Another voice performer was Dweezil Zappa, Frank's son. The Duckman series ran from 1994 to 1997.

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Do You Remember Duckman?

Do You Remember Duckman?

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    This show was sick and perverse and brilliant. Seinfeld's Jason Alexander voiced Duckman as a manic lech with anger management issues. Ajax was semi-retarded, Charles and Mambo were incredibly smart and made Duckman look like the idiot he was, and Grandmama's only contribution to the proceedings was uncontrollable flatulence. Highlights included Tim Curry as the villainous King Chicken, and watching Duckman dismember his nauseatingly saccharine receptionists, Fluffy and Uranus, by stuffing them into a blender. Pants-wettingly funny.