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Drifters were kid of like Twix bars, but without the biscuit. It was really chocolatey, with wafer and chewy caramel inside. Mmmm! Drifter was launched by Nestle in 1980 and is sold as 'the chewy chocolate bar that you really have to get your teeth into'. It was so popular in the 80s that it outsold Time Outs and Picnics. The original version had a brown wrapper with orange writing, but later versions of the bar were blue.

I remember the advert for Drifters featured a grandmother in a shop translating for the shop keeper when two 'jive-talking' pimp-types wanted to buy one

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Do You Remember Drifter?

Do You Remember Drifter?

  • Anonymous user
    They're back in the shops. I love them.