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  • Lemonade Sparkle Ice Lollys
    Was it Walls or Lyons Maid that made them? Anyway Tesco are sellin a variety box with lemonade/cola and orange in them (not Tesco own brand stuff).
  • Drifter
    They're back in the shops. I love them.
  • Chelsea Whoppers
    My local sweetie shop makes them by hand and sells them out the original 70s box. :) Also around here when I was a kid we had the chelsea whopper clown urban legend, scared the bejesus out of everyone under 10!
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    When I worked in Burton's Edinburgh factory back in 2000/2001 they were still making puffs, as one of my jobs involved me packing multipacks (which were like balloons!) into boxes.

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