Dream a Little Dream (1989)

Dream a Little Dream was a comedy from 1989 that starred teen buddies Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Corey Feldman played Bobby Keller who, one night, collides with his would-be girlfriend Lainie, outside his elderly neighbour's house. Elderly Coleman (Jason Robards) ends up trapped in Bobby's body, and his wife Geena (Piper Laurie) gets trapped in Lainie's body.

Coleman and Bobby communicate with each other through their dreams and Bobby says he isn't willing to go back unless Coleman can help him fix his messed up life.

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Do You Remember Dream a Little Dream?

Do You Remember Dream a Little Dream?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember watching this movie over and over and over again. As far as the whole swithing bodies craze for movies of the 80's (Big, Like Father Like Son, 18 Again etc) this one was an awesome change of pace. LOVE Corey Haim as Dinger, just love Corey Haim in general!!!!