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Made by MB games. I had this in the '80s.

It was fairly simple. A yellow plastic base with two opposite-facing courses of four lanes each, with a small red or blue (depending on which player you were) plastic dragster at the top of each lane.

The object of the game was to flick a small black ball-bearing, pinball-style, up the launch shute and at the top of the course it would bend round and push one of the dragsters down the sloping lane to the bottom of the course.

The winner was the first person to get all four of their dragsters 'home'. The skill was in working out how hard to flick the ball to get it to line up with one of the first three lanes, as if you flicked it too hard it would always go straight to the furthest (4th) lane.

Entertaining for a while, and great fun for anyone with aspirations for the game stunt car racer.

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Do You Remember Dragster?

Do You Remember Dragster?

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    Gosh, I'd forgotten this, but now you come to mention it I DO remember it! It goes back earlier than the '80s though, MB introduced it in '76- a boy in my junior school had one, and brought it in to class on the last day of term before the Summer Holidays of '77 began, when there were no lessons and you played games all day. We had great fun with it- it was a simple but brilliant idea, and nail-bitingly tense, as a car only had to be fractionally ahead of your opponents to clinch victory!