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Donny Osmond

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Following the success of the family group The Osmonds, Donny Osmond went solo releasing his first record in 1989. His most memorable hits included "Soldier of Love" and "I'm in It for Love".

In 1998 Donny Osmond teamed up with sister Marie to produce the daytime TV show "Donny and Marie".

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Do You Remember Donny Osmond?

Do You Remember Donny Osmond?

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    I was 3 years old and in love. Breaking my heart and could not be consoled by my mother because I was going to marry Donny Osmond but he couldn't see me through the TV screen. I still "go slightly quivery" whenever I see him on TV and he's still as gorgeously handsome as ever. He is I am pleased to say very happily married and it is lovely to hear him talk about how he met his wife. He has a fine family and I'm pleased he's still making music.