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Donald Duck

Whatever has happened to Donald Duck? I haven’t seen him for years! Is it just me, and I’m now too old, and he just hides away on CBBC hanging out with the telletubbies or old moomins and Thunderbirds repeats?

He was a childood hero of mine! Of course now, I recognize his anger issues (my word, he’d go insanely angry at the slightest provocation!)

His full name is (wait for it… ) Donald Fauntleroy Duck. Yes Fauntleroy. Did you know that? And as we all know, he is an American cartoon character from The Walt Disney Company.

He has a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. His wardrobe consists entirely of a sailor shirt, cap, and a red bow tie, but no trousers (except when he goes swimming – surely the wrong way round, no?)

I enjoyed his cartoon nephew’s Huey, Dewey, and Louie – who I thought were very well balanced after being brought up around Donald and his explosive temper.

Donald Duck was announced as the third most popular cartoon character of all time with Bugs Bunny number two and Mickey Mouse at number one. Though I am sure if he found that out he would have kicked off and tried to beat up Bugs and Mickey!

Here’s some Donald facts for you:

Donald's voice, one of the most identifiable voices in all of animation, was performed by voice actor Clarence "Ducky" Nash up to his death in 1985. My father also does a passable impression, and still performs it to children to this day – who I am sure have no idea who Donald Duck is (Hence rendering my father slightly scary) Since 1985, Donald has been voiced by Tony Anselmo, who was personally trained by Nash for the role apparently.

Apparently, Donald's birthday is officially recognized as June 9, 1934 (the date of his first showing)

Donald's 1942 short film, Der Fuehrer's Face, won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film.

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Do You Remember Donald Duck?

Do You Remember Donald Duck?