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Dolly Parton

Born in January, 1946 in Tennessee, one of 12 children. All round talented woman, best known for her country music but also know for her acting. Her family were very poor and Dolly began singing on local radio and television as a child. This took her forward to massive commercial success and is still working in the industry today.

In 1980, Dolly Rebecca Parton starred alongside Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin in the hit film 'Nine to Five', which she recored the theme tune '9 to 5', this reached number 1 in the charts. It is rumoured that she will be starring alongside Queen Latifah in a gospel-choir feature film 'Joyful Noise' in 2011.

Dolly owns on of americas top theme parks in Tennessee, 'Dollywood'.

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Do You Remember Dolly Parton?

Do You Remember Dolly Parton?

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    Dolly Parton: This Lady knows how to handle her assests! A string of hits during 70s/80s, starring in a TV show: Working 9-5 which she sang the theme tune! Famous Durt with Kenny Rogers Island in the stream! Thsi lady is still selling albums by the 1000s today!