Dinky toys

Dinky toys are something of a classic. In fact they are probably the classic classic toy, the definition of a classic. Something we all remember and what other popular toys were modeled on. They are die cast miniature model cars and truck.

They were first made in 1934 when a very young (at the time) company called Meccano Ltd of Liverpool made some "Modeled Miniatures" under the trade mark "Meccano Dinky Toys".

Even when I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s these were still around and I could bash them up to my heart's content and they would still keep their form. They were very well made. And in some ways not too different from Corgi cars and Matchbox cars that were made my Mattell.

Though the factory didn’t close it’s doors until 1979 and the cars lived on though being passed down in family’s and jumble sales (no Ebay back then)!

Legend has it that the name “dinky” was from Frank Hornby’s daughter, who thought they were “dinky” – surprisingly enough – which is derived from the Scottish work “dink” meaning small.

For the metal enthusiasts among you, pre-war Dinky Toys were mae from an impure alloy and today suffer from zinc pest! There’s a fact you will never need to know…

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Do You Remember Dinky toys?

Do You Remember Dinky toys?

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    I used to collect Dinky Toys as a young boy! I used to bite my nails so my mum came up with the idea of giving me a penny(once a week) for each nail I didnt bite and I would save up for Dinkies.I bought several cars,also a hovercraft and Hawker Harrier aircraft.My favourite car was a bronze coloured Ford Zodiac.I later found out this was a rare colour but I would never part with it!