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  • Dinky toys
    I used to collect Dinky Toys as a young boy! I used to bite my nails so my mum came up with the idea of giving me a penny(once a week) for each nail I didnt bite and I would save up for Dinkies.I bought several cars,also a hovercraft and Hawker Harrier aircraft.My favourite car was a bronze coloured Ford Zodiac.I later found out this was a rare colour but I would never part with it!
  • Austin 1800 and 3-litre
    The 3 litre sold just under 10,000 units.They werent a great suecess apart from on the banger track where they won the Spedeworth World Final twice in the 80s. I myself preferred the older Farina styled Austin A110 Westminster with the fins! I loved them so much I bought one to use as an everyday car in the 80s and nowadays have one to enjoy as a classic car.
  • Bovril Crisps
    I loved Smiths Bovril crisps.On a Saturday morning around the age of 10 I would go up to the local newsagents with my pocket money and buy a packet of bovril crisps,choc peanut poppets and the latest issue of Action comic!
  • Summer of 1976 (UK)
    I remember in Slough where I was brought up that as well as the hot summer of '76 we also has a dustman's strike.There was a pile of rubbish around a council house painters trailer opposite our house and somebody set fire to it.The heat and chemicals lifted the paint off my father's silver Ford Zephyr (the Ford silver fox paint was notourious for peeling but this just speeded up the process!)
  • Raleigh Chopper
    I had an orange Mk1,was a hand me down from my mum's friends son.I had lots of fun with it,when I pulled skids it sounded like a car but rapidly went through tyres.I passed it on when I finished with it but wish I still owned it!
  • Michael Bentine's Potty Time
    Werent the "little people" invisible,you just saw their foot prints! The best episode I recall was when he did a volcano and the lava was jam/treacle!

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