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The British TV series Diana had nothing to do with Princess Diana. It was broadcast in 1984 and featured Patsy Kensit in the lead role as a teenage Diana, who grew up during the series until a new actress took over. The plot, if I seem to remember, was a little bit along the lines of Lady Chatterley's Lover. A young girl from a wealthy background is having a love affair with an unsuitable land worker called Jan, and we watch their relationship and their separate lives develop from the 1920s through to post-war Britain. The TV series was adapted from books by R.F. Delderfield and had quite a following.

I loved this series and remember Patsy Kensit as Diana, with amazingly long hair, riding a horse quite a lot. I think it was quite raunchy at times also - well it was for the eyes of a 12/13-year-old!

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Do You Remember Diana?

Do You Remember Diana?

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    Patsy was only in the first 1 or 2 episodes, the role of the older Diana was then played by the gorgeous Jenny Seagrove. Patsy was very pretty in this and like others I fell in love with her. Looking back there was very little that could be considered 'racy' but there is a completely nude shot of Jenny standing on a cliff/beach. The series followed their love story via episodes with the french resistance until its tragic ending. Although cheaply made, the series was excellent and the fantastic tune played at the end of each episode as the cartoon birds circled will stay with anyone who watched it. A very watchable copy is available via the internet.