Diadora Borg Elites

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Without doubt, Borg Elites were the coolest trainers around. Back in the day, only the most respected lads wore them. I remember being at school discos and seeing the chosen few wearing them with jeans and Fila tracksuit tops. I managed to buy myself a pair last year.

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Do You Remember Diadora Borg Elites?

Do You Remember Diadora Borg Elites?

  • richymfc
    kangeroo skin diadora with ball jeans and best company top
  • Anonymous user
    Yep the Borg Elite was the "Holy Grail" of terrace footwear wear back in the early 80's. Usually worn with Lois Jumbo cords split and the bottom with the small triangle Lois leather piece from the pocket sewn into the top of the split, the rest of the split proudly displaying the gold Diadora logo. No blue, silver, red or burgundy logos they had to be gold!