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  • Christmas Selection Box
  • Dodger, Bonzo And The Rest
    no,it was called dodger bonzo and the rest,our house was the theme tune
  • The Children of Green Knowe
    dont think it featured a sun dial? me thinks that would be the program "moondial" your right about the mansion though
  • Storybook International
    yeah spot on!stories used to feature woodcutters,princes etc....
  • Pebble Mill At One
    remember watching this when being off hrowing a sickie whilst off school
  • BMX bikes
    used to own a p.k.ripper back in 85,sold it in 89 and got a zx spectrum (big mistake for which i still reget to this day!)
  • Grange Hill
    without a doubt gripper stebson was the coolest pupil,you would never get away with some of his actions today!

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