Denys fisher Dalek

In the 1970's i really liked Doctor Who and one day my grandmother Rita bought me the Denys fisher talking Dalek,

it was a red plastic thing complete with eye stalk and sucker arm and gun, it had about five messages that were on the little disc (or record) and i would have great fun playing it and pressing the button on its dome to make it talk.

Just some of the messages were something like, '' what are your orders'' and (of course) ''exterminate'' I have long since lost the components for it but i still do have it, though quite battered but i keep it for sentimental reasons as now my grandmother has sadly passed away.

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Do You Remember Denys fisher Dalek?

Do You Remember Denys fisher Dalek?

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    Sorry to hear about your Gran. I never had one of these Daleks, but a boy down our road did- he brought it to school once, we gave him a lift in the back of our car. I remember the Dalek sqwarking 'What Are Your Orders?' on the back seat!!