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Cydrax & Peardrax

These sparkling pear (Peardrax) and sparkling apple drink (Cydrax) were popular in the UK during the 60s and 70s, until being discontinued in 1988 by the makers Allied Lyons. But they are still being made in the Caribbean, where it's believed to symbolise the exotic flavour of Trinidad. It's even seen as being so sophisticated that it can be served at weddings. This wasn't quite the image that it had back in the UK.

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Do You Remember Cydrax & Peardrax?

Do You Remember Cydrax & Peardrax?

  • Tonybiker
    This was also available in cans. I remember buying a can around about 1983 and it tasted like proper cider, a lot like Woodpecker at that time but sadly Woodpecker along with a lot of mainstream ciders nowadays, taste like tramps vomit.
  • Anonymous user
    Yes, I remember that stuff. Bsbycham for babies, but we felt so grown up drinking 'cider' and 'perry'. Awful brand name though, sounds like an insecticide. Come to think of it, it did taste funny. ..
  • helenjrice
    I can remember getting blind drunk on Cydrax at Guide Camp - to such an extent that we accidentally collapsed a toilet tent. Bit embarassed to find (at age of 48) that it contained no alcohol. Must have just been sleep deprivation then.