Criss Cross

Oh yes! This game rocked. It was like a marble game – in some ways like Zig Zag Zoom, but the game was way more fun in that it pitted you directly against your opponent.

So – how did you play it? Here’s how – opponents can roll their marbles down one of two tracks. One track is the “offense” track, and one is the “defense” track (I know,very American terms). The genius is that one track is straight but the other one meanders through the straight track. Because both tracks intersect at points, the meandering balls can be knocked off the track by the defense.

It sounds complicated, but it isn’t, it’s basically about one marble knocking another marble off track. You got a load of points for actually knocking an opponents marble off track.

The game was published in 1972 – when playing marbles on the street still happened! Though you could only ever had two players at a time, you could create sort of grand championships, or a “World Cup” that we made at Sunday School, where you could have finals and semi-finals and a score board.

Like Darts, there is an definite amount of points you need to gain in order to win. That number is 300, which is great because it means games went on for longer and you could win or lose at any given time. You would swap around being offense or defense after each go.

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Do You Remember Criss Cross?

Do You Remember Criss Cross?