Crazy Foam

There were adverts for this on the telly in the mid-60s but there were also a series of super heroes-themed Crazy Foams created in the 70s. Crazy Foam was basically a can of shaving foam with one of several different-shaped/coloured caps. It was alleged that you could 'build' the foam into whatever you could imagine (you needed a good imagination to believe your creation resembled anything other than a mound of... well...foam!). I remember a quite accurate depiction of a cruise liner on the advert. And when the can was empty the suggestion was that you use the cap as a puppet head. But as I recall, the difference in the cap was not much more than a pair of bulbous eyes ie. they all had round flat heads! I assume that someone had come up with the technology to make the foam in an aerosol can but they couldn't think of a good use for it until shaving foam and so hair mousse were introduced.

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Do You Remember Crazy Foam?

Do You Remember Crazy Foam?

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    Oh I had this. I think parents everywhere must have hated the mess it made though. I distinctly remember the smell it had lol