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Crazy Climber

This was a table-top pub video game. The idea was you had two joysticks which controlled the hands of a little man, and the object of the game was to climb up the side of four skyscrapers, avoiding the various stuff, such as flowerpots, dropped and thrown at you out of the windows. Using the joystick, you push it up to reach for the next window ledge, and pull the joystick back to pull yourself onto the ledge. One problem is that the windows would open and close randomly - and you didn't want to get your pixellated fingers trapped in them!

The game was a big hit in the 80s, and consequently became a game you could buy for you own Atari for the sum of around £30.

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Do You Remember Crazy Climber?

Do You Remember Crazy Climber?

  • Anonymous user
    Me and my friend would follow this one machine around as it got moved from pub to pub, and walk in and first game bang the high score up to half a million. Then all the locals that subsequently had a go got ruined because the machine had ramped up the difficulty based on our score.