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Crapston Villas

You either thought this show was absolutely hilarious or totally crude. Made by those behind the equally controversial Spitting Images, Crapston Villas was an animated series for adults broadcast at late night on channel 4 between 1995 and 1997. It featured all kinds of foul-mouthed everyday weirdos as its characters, living in squalid conditions, which was meant to go some way to representing inner-city London life. They all lived together in a apartment block in the fictional postcode of SE69.

The show was written by Sarah Ann Kennedy, and featured the vocal talents of some of Britain's best known actors and comedians, including Morwenna Banks, Alistair McGowan, John Thomson, Alison Steadman and Felix Dexter. The show's characters were created out of plasticine and filmed by stop motion clay animation, much like those other retro favourites Wallace and Gromit.

Crapston Villas was subsequently canned to make a slot for South Park on channel 4.

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Do You Remember Crapston Villas?

Do You Remember Crapston Villas?