Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe was available in any color so long as you wanted red and gold! I believe everyone who had a Big Wheel started with the Cozy Coupe. The design was similar to that of the Flintstones' car - it had functioning doors, gas cap, and no brakes. Luckily it even had a horn so you could call for help when you inevitably tipped over going down your driveway! Climbing out the front with your legs pinned under the steering wheel was never an easy task.

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Do You Remember Cozy Coupe?

Do You Remember Cozy Coupe?

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    Cozy Coupe was the 'in' toy when it first came out. It was on all under 5s Christmas lists. Driving like Fred Flintstone down the garden path seeing who could get to the bottom of the garden first!