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My dad gave me a stack of these comics in the late 70's. Cor !! was actually taken over and some of the characters incorporated into Buster in 1974. The main characters I remember were "Gus the gorilla" (a gorilla dressed like a man), "Ivor Lott and Tony Broke" (the title says it all !), "Spoilsport" (a little tyke trying to ruin everyone elses fun) and "Hire a horror" (a sort of Rentaghost clone).

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Do You Remember Cor!!?

Do You Remember Cor!!?

  • Wirral Writer
    Wow, do I remember Cor! Evokes the same sort of fond memories of all the other comic books I used to buy, like Whizzer and Chips, The Dandy and Beano, Buster etc.
  • Anonymous user
    Who remembers Rat Trap, where readers sent in plans to catch Dr. Rat ? I think they all failed, resulting in the Dr. blowing a raspberry in the final frame. One of the more clever & original comic strips, didn't transfer to Buster when Cor!! merged with it. Pity.