Conan The Destroyer (1984)

2 years after the success of the first movie, Arnie and friends are at it again with 1984's, "Conan: The Destroyer".

This time around Conan is swindled into finding a magic horn for an Evil Queen and must do battle against a powerful sorcerer with nothing but his sword and his brains(lol).

Unlike the first movie, this one had plenty of dialog and a larger cast. Joining Conan on his quest are a myriad of characters who join him for various reasons, some to help him and some for other reasons.

I enjoyed this movie much more than the original as it was more action packed, had *talking* in it, and overall it was much easier to follow.

Watch for the third installment in the trilogy, King Conan: Crown of Iron comming to theaters sometime next year.

All in all this is Arnold at his prime and love him or hate him, it's a great flick!

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Do You Remember Conan The Destroyer?

Do You Remember Conan The Destroyer?