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Who doesn't remember Arnold Schwarzenegger - the muscley, robotic man from the Terminator or the Barbarian from theConan films? Arnold grew up in Austria giving him an unusual accent for a Hollywood actor. At one time he was the greatest bodybuilder in the world and was crowned Mr Universe. Today Arnold follows a political career as the governor of California.

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Do You Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Do You Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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    Being born in 82 i suppose I'm a little late joining the 80s train, but I have so many fond memories that grew off the back of his movies. Predator 1987, I know towards the end. But me and my friends would dress in camo apply our battle cream (usually boot polish!) Pretend to load our uzi 9mm guns. And walk through the neighbourhood on lookers would stare some throw obscenities. But we never broke character, we were battle ready! Humming the Predator music as we walked to the local woods. Now to cut a very long but amazing story short! There was a lot of throwing ourselves to the grown, shouting its in the trees, get to the chopper untill the final annihilation of the skull collecting crustacean from outer space. Some of the best games we ever played.